The main objective of the organization is to improve the socio economic welfare of the vulnerable community through a sustainable, integrated welfare centered development strategy:

  • Assessment of the situation of the vulnerable community.
  • Strengthening community capacity through training.
  • Assessment of the national resource in the country.
  • Development policy of institutional support of community level.
  • Support basic social services and project rehabilitation such as health, water, sanitation and education.

Goals of the Organization

  • Improve well-being and livelihood of the vulnerable community on Voluntary basis through resources of mobilization and resources Management.
  • Mobilize the potential of the community Development in order to Develop living standard by achieving the basic needs.
  • Assistance vulnerable groups like floods devastated people, disables, Orphans and aged.
  • Participate in humanitarian relief and response to emergencies and disasters to facilitate partner’s access to reach vulnerable and affected communities.
  • Facilitate increased awareness and respect for gender equality.
  • Mobilize the grass root levels to facilitate awareness, prevention and actions to reduce the effects of HIV/AIDS and FGM.
  • Improve livelihood and living standard of the vulnerable community.
  • Reduce poverty to the vulnerable people.
  • Reduce risks of the affected communities.

Strategy and mode implementation

To reach the organization’s vision based on humanitarian impact, the council members will strictly pursue.
Awakening and involving individuals and communities in building their capacity Economic, social, protection and live hood development.
Based on the service provision on the real needs of the community work with national and international. organizations with remarkable efforts and resources to achieve its objectives. Realize humanitarian activities in viable standard that can be self sustaining in good governance.

Organization Mandate

  • Community development
  • Emergence relief response
  • Vocational training

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Head Office: Dharkenley-Mogadishu, Somalia.

Contact Person: Ali Ahmed Muudey.

Cell phone: +2526-1-5557619

Email Address: Alnaim1000@gmail.com

Website: www.ahdo.so

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